Why ARE More Younger People Dying?

Why ARE More Younger People Dying?

Death rates among 18-65 year-olds are surging. We revealed the frightening reality exposed by insurance company figures yesterday, but we simply gave you the facts, without asking the vital question: WHY?

The answer the controlled media and political elite will give is, of course, "covid". But that want wash, because the surge in unexpected deaths among working-age adults only took off in the second half of last year. The statistics for 2020 - the height of 'covid deaths' - showed no such leap.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who are already shouting "They're being killed by the vaxx!" And yes, we have absolutely no doubt that many of the heart attacks, strokes and other blood clot fatalities are indeed down to the vast mRNA jabs experiment.

But it won't just be that. The first question that needs to be asked and answered is "how many of last year's surplus deaths among previously healthy people were due to suicide?" Because the vast majority of those will be down not to covid, or even vaccines, but to the devastating social impact and business-wrecking of lockdowns and the broader economic damage done by the elite's criminal exploitation of covid for their own Great Reset agenda. The same can be said for many of the rocketing number of opioid deaths.

The health impact of millions of people wearing masks all day is also something which needs (but will not get) urgent and widespread research and publicity.

On top of that, there are also the slower acting health impacts of lockdowns and the virus hysteria promoted by the mass media:

People are:

  • Eating less healthy (to an extreme degree in many cases)
  • Lying around at home
  • Going outside less
  • Gaining weight
  • Being denied all kinds of medical treatment, including all elective surgery and treatments for chronic and potentially terminal illnesses
  • Living with increased fear and stress (often full-on mania, now regularly leading to psychotic breaks)
  • Engaging in less social activity
  • Being socially isolated and alienated by distancing, masks, fear and hysteria
  • Being turned against family members (especially after the introduction of the vax and the agitation by the government/media)
  • Working less
  • Drinking a lot more alcohol
  • Doing a lot more drugs
  • Devolving psychologically, in general
  • Experiencing break-ups, divorce, domestic violence, and other domestic problems
  • Wearing masks that restrict breathing and cause people to inhale their own CO2 (which you don’t have to be a scientist to realize is going to have a very negative effect on respiratory health)

All of this is going to severely affect general health, and when you combine it all together, you’re going to have significantly higher mortality rates and significantly lowered immune responses, which lead to more seasonal respiratory infections. The impact of all this will have been masked for some months owing to the lower overall death rate now caused by the fact that the Covid-19 flu did indeed hasten the deaths of a lot of very old and already very sick people. A drop in overall deaths for a while afterwards was always going to happen. But now that is wearing off, the deaths of younger people from the causes oulinted above are going to come into ever-sharper focus.

At least they would - if the media wasn't dominated by lying vipers and presstitutes bought-and-paid for by Bill Gates and Pfizer!