Why are the Knights Templar Relevant?

Why are the Knights Templar Relevant?

You may be wondering…WHO ARE THE ‘TEMPLARS TODAY?

YES we are REAL! Yes we are in the UK! and NO we are not weirdos, but we are serious patriots and are mainly ex military men!

Many people are confused as to who or what the Knights Templar Order actually is. Is it a bunch of mad role play freaks, or cranky loons, religious nutters or the like.

Well, this is understandable, but the reality is we are a world-wide (Anglo) serious Right-Wing organisation with real bricks and mortar HQ’s, IT centres, and priory meeting houses.

In short, we are the GROWN UPS of the Right-Wing patriotic movements, not Neo- Nazi cranks or screaming hooligans, Racists or thugs nor are we a political party although we were a main player in the Brexit and Trump campaigns.

We are simply dedicated experienced men sworn to defend our homelands and faith. Many are deeply Christian (of the more masculine kind) and all are at least supportive of our British Christian heritage and culture.

Why are the Knights Templar Order relevant today? It is a question often asked of us. Let's just look at who we are, what we do and what YOU can be a part of... Time for YOU to grow up Brothers and Sisters.

Securing Europe's borders

The fakes, posers and man-boys on the Alt-Right looked on in awe as they watched the Templars travel to the frontiers of Europe during the migrant invasion in 2016 and equip Christians with desperately needed equipment: From Hungary, Serbia to Bulgaria and Syria The Templars were on the ground and active in the fight to save OUR Country from being flooded.

The Social Media War

Our social media campaigns during the Trump election and the Brexit referendum were instrumental to the success of both campaigns. The powers-that-be then set the dogs in the fake news media loose to try and take us down...THEY FAILED! The New York Times, BBC and other MSM all screamed at "Templar interference." We did interfere on a massive scale and we are proud of it!

Brexit Prediction

Immediately after the Brexit referendum, we warned the jubilant British people that the establishment would do everything in their power to crush Brexit. Time has proven us right. Now it is left to Patriots like me and you to fight to see Brexit implemented in full!

British Army Recruitment Tactics

As we predicted YEARS ago that our Armed forces were deliberately being taken over by the enemy, The British Armed forces – once “the terror of Land, sea and air” is failing to meet its own basic recruitment targets. So the PC Brass Hats in charge have come up with a bright new idea: Appeal to Snowflakes. Guest presenter Jim Dowson explains how there’s also a very serious side to this latest display of Britain’s elite’s national death wish.

The Knights Templar are THE front-line against those who would do our people harm all over the world.

If you feel drawn to join our ancient Order and are a stout-hearted person of good character, we welcome you on board. We have no problem making a stand but without your support we can do nothing.

We fight not only for our children but for yours also. Surely you see as a Patriot, it is time to make a stand and to join the ranks of the Templars. As an Affiliate, your membership plays an important role in the overall operations of the Templar Order.

Help us establish a secure future for all our Children!

If you want to stay in the background as an affiliate, that is fine. However, if you wish to become more involved, simply let us know, but the first and most important thing to do is to Get UP and make a STAND by Joining us TODAY!

Will you play YOUR part or will you stand by and do nothing?