Why You Should STOP Using GOOGLE

Why You Should STOP Using GOOGLE

Gmail and other Big Tech email providers can read your emails and even stop you from receiving certain communications. Google keeps profiles of users and even their children based on the information they receive from you using their services. Their high-quality products are free because you and your data are the product. It’s time to stop using Gmail!  

Many people by now are aware that Google products track everything that their users do, so that Google can profit off the data they collect. Search results on Google and on YouTube, which is part of the Google/Alphabet empire, are also heavily manipulated by their algorithms. With these manipulated search results, they can sway elections, not only in the U.S. but around the globe, according to the extensive and conclusive research by Dr. Robert Epstein.

However, this is not the only concerning thing Google does with your data. Many people are still under the impression that Gmail, since it is not a social media platform, cannot be manipulated. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 

All mail sent through Gmail is archived, and the contents of your emails get scanned by an AI algorithm that builds profiles of you and those you communicate with via email, including, for instance, your children. Even an email drafted in anger, but ultimately was not sent, is stored by Google. Furthermore, the metadata gleaned from emails you deleted gets permanently stored in your user data profile as well.

But it’s not only that Google reads all of your emails; they can actually block emails from getting to you without you even noticing it. At the service level, they can blacklist IP addresses or even certain terms like “pro-life” or “LifeSiteNews” so that these emails never get to you.  

Now, if Gmail were to outright stop all people from receiving emails that contain the term “pro-life,” many people would quickly notice that something is not right. However, they are also capable of engaging in “shadow banning,” a term that is known for the practice of manipulating what people can see on social media.

This can also be done to your Gmail account. For example, Algorithms may be put in place that filter out 10 % of emails containing the term “pro-life” for 20 % of Gmail users. Shadow banning done in that way is much more likely to go unnoticed and also much harder to prove.  

Ways to resist Google’s censorship 

Now that you know that Google reads all of your messages on your Gmail account and that you cannot even be sure that you receive all the emails sent to you, what actions can you take? 

The first step is to set up an email account with a provider that uses end-to-end encryption, meaning that not even the email provider can read the content of your messages. Protonmail, Hush Mail, or StartMail are some good options for that. With most of these providers, you’ll have to pay a couple of dollars every month if you want more storage, however, that is well worth it. Remember, Gmail is only “free” because they collect and monetize all of your data and you have zero privacy. Your data is their product. 

The next step is to get rid of as many Google products as you can, like the Google Chrome Browser, the Google search engine, Android phones, and Google Home.  

For a straightforward outline of how to use the internet without being tracked and what alternative services to use instead of Google, Dr. Robert Epstein’s article is very instructive: Seven Simple Steps Toward online privacy