Women "written out" of Cervical Cancer Campaign

Women "written out" of Cervical Cancer Campaign

An expensive and ultra-PC advert for cervical cancer screening is being slammed for "writing out" women. 

Don't Keep 'Em Crossed has been launched by North West Cancer Research to highlight how cervical cancer rates in the region are 19 per cent higher than in the rest of England. But the giant hoarding's text talks about "people" who are at risk of getting the deadly disease, rather than "women".

It's just another example of how trans fantasy and mental illness is being promoted by senior bureaucrats in big charities and the Health Service.

Feminists also criticised the cervical smear test campaign, saying that it erases women and 'sexualises' a vital health procedure by telling patients not to keep their legs crossed. 

The campaign was launched with a sculpture showing crossed mannequin legs at Manchester Piccadilly Station alongside the slogan 'Don't keep 'em crossed'. 

The campaign will also see posters at 'targeted' venues including hairdressing and beauty salons, gyms, bars and coffee shops. A digital campaign using social media influencers will run alongside it for four weeks.