World Nonce Organisation Targets Babies

World Nonce Organisation Targets Babies

The World Health Organisation is rightly hated for its leading role in the covid scam, deadly lockdowns and vaccine murders. But  now the Marxist-led global busybodies are facing a backlash over twisted new guidance for children's sexuality and gender.

The WHO's guidelines suggests that children as young as four and under should be given sex education and 'explore gender identities.' 

It gets even worse from there. In the document published to provide guidance for policymakers in Europe, the organisation claims that 'sexuality education starts from birth.'


Officials describe the guide as a 'framework for policy makers, educational and health authorities and specialists'.

The guidance suggests that children between four and six years old should be encouraged to 'talk about sexual matters'.

It even suggests that children aged four and under should be taught about masturbation and 'enjoyment and pleasure when touching one's own body.'

These fall under the what the WHO refers to as the 'minimal standards that need to be covered by sexuality education.'