World's Smartest Man Slams Elite Covid Scam

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World's Smartest Man Slams Elite Covid Scam

A 'parasitic overclass' using covid vaccinations as a way to sterilise the 'surplus' human herd and crash our numbers in a controlled elimination programme. If that sounds crazy, then you need to know that it's the conclusion reached by the man officially recognised as the most intelligent human being on the entire planet!

American Christopher Langan, is known as the smartest man alive, due to his having consistently scored about 200 on professionally-administered IQ tests. He has horrified liberals and atheists by making a big point of confirming the existence of God, the eternal and sole creator of the intelligently-designed universe. And now he has angered them even more with a set of stinging social media posts naming and exposing the people he calls 'the Global Plantation Owners'.


Mr. Langan - who, incidentally, earns an honest, all-American living as a common-sensical cattle-hand, horse rancher and occasional doorman - followed up that bombshell with this:


Now, you may find the idea of an elite so evil as to do that a little difficult to accept, but our new book Deus Vult - the Great Reset Resistance reaches a very similar conclusion. It then goes on to explain in detail what ordinary folk can do about it. And our first book in the Deus Vult trilogy, Reconquista of the West, went into the whole question of the 'white genocide' Great Replacement to which the world's cleverest man is also now drawing attention.

If you've not read them yet, perhaps the broad agreement by a man much cleverer than any of us will give you the push you need to make a serious effort to find out exactly what is going on, who is to blame and what you need to do to help the resistance to the evils being perpetrated by the self-chosen elite. Both books are available for immediate dispatch - order yours right now!

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