Templar Castles in Stunning Slovakia

The beautiful, small but increasingly prosperous nation of Slovakia is one of those pushing back hardest against the EU plan to swamp Europe with Muslim immigrants. And this isn’t the first time that Slovakia has taken its place as a bastion of Christian Europe. In medieval times too, Slovakia played host to the Knights Templar, who built many castles and priories there.


Islamic Jihad Vs Western Crusades

Islamics launched their Jihad in 630 A.D.

Welcome To Madhouse Britain

Just a few decades ago, Monty’Python’s sketch about Stan, the insane Judean resistance activist who wanted to be a woman, was just a ludicrous joke. But now ‘real life; has caught up with satire in 21st Century Madhouse Britain!


Robin Tilbrook in Court to Save Brexit

English Democrat Chairman and renowned barrister Robin Tilbrook is going to court to get a Declaration that the UK has left the EU as of the 29th March 2019 and he needs YOUR help!


Robert the Bruce and the Knights Templar

The tale of the Templars, their disappearance and possible hiding location – in Scotland.

Tribute to the Heroic Rhodesian SAS

C Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment was formed during the Second World War by volunteers from Rhodesia.

Facebook paying UK paper to publish positive coverage

Facing an onslaught of negative headlines and critical press coverage, Facebook has begun paying UK paper the Daily Telegraph to run admiring stories about the “positive impact” the social media giant can have on people’s lives.


Study: Male and female brains are different!

 A new scientific study has found that pre-born babies’ brains show significant differences between sexes and thus before any parental or societal conditioning.


Arktos: A Spanish Symphony

Uncontrolled immigration? Overwhelming numbers of foreign workers? Tumultuous birth rates and a ‘nice’ multiracial society in a cosmopolitan and peaceful ‘global village’ that stretches to every corner of the world? No way. These are pipe dreams, intellectual musings lacking historical culture, memory, or realism, and without any prescience. And these events will not unfold peacefully.

The Knights Templar Order