US 'no longer safe haven' for persecuted Christians

A new report by the anti-persecution watchdog Open Doors in the United States has found that America is no longer the safe haven for displaced people that it once was.

Its joint report with the evangelical humanitarian agency World Relief shows that the number of persecuted Christians being resettled into the United States is down 70 per cent compared with the year 2016.

Orbán calls for less climate panic, more babies

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has accused other European leaders of fearmongering over the threat of climate change at the expense of ignoring the problem of falling birth rates

115 Million Views for Musk's Family Values March Video

Video clips of the huge Canadian protest against LGBTQ brainwashing in schools have already been watched by over 115 million people.

Last Wednesday, thousands of concerned parents, children and citizens descended upon Canada’s capital of Ottawa, and other cities across the country, for the much-anticipated Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in the nation’s schools.

The Million Person March was a coast-to-coast protest gathering Canadians of all ages, races, and religions to defend children from LGBT indoctrination in schools.

Police apologize to UK Catholic arrested for praying silently outside abortion centre

Following a six-month investigation, West Midlands Police have confirmed that they will not bring charges against Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, issuing an apology for the length of time to reach the decision not to prosecute her for silent prayer.

Police Apologise Over Wrongful Arrest

After six months of stress and worry, a brave Christian pro-lifer has finally been told that she will not be prosecuted for praying silently outside an abortion mill.

Following an expensive six-month investigation, West Midlands Police have confirmed that they will not bring charges against Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, issuing an apology for the length of time to reach the decision not to prosecute her for silent prayer. 

The charitable volunteer was arrested for praying in a “buffer zone” surrounding an abortion facility on Station Road, Birmingham, on March 6. The censorship zone, introduced by local authorities via a “Public Spaces Protection Order,” bans prayer, amongst other activities considered to constitute protest against abortion.

Putin Calls for Strengthening of Family Values

He's portrayed as a monster in mainstream media reports, but while Western leaders glorify all sorts of LGBTQ madness and describe abortion as 'reproductive health', Vladimir Putin repeatedly makes a very vocal stand for Christian family values.

Work to strengthen traditional values, including religious ones, as well as increasing the prestige of motherhood and fatherhood, should be carried out in all directions, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking earlier this month at the VIII Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

“We need to work hard in all areas, including, by the way, in the information sphere. With the support of the public and the media, raise the prestige of motherhood and fatherhood, encourage people to have a good healthy family, strengthen our traditional values, including religious ones. This is a large complex of work,” Putin said, speaking at a plenary meeting of the Forum.

Can you imagine a Biden, Trudeau or Sunak saying such a thing, still less actually doing anything to back it up? No chance! So which side in the current incredibly tense and dangerous global confrontation is on the side of Good?

New children's history book claims Stonehenge was built when England was a 'black country'

A new children's book published by Bloomsbury and promoted in the U.K. by a government-funded group claims that Stonehenge was built by "people with brown skin" back when England was supposedly "a black country."

Nickelodeon hires LGBT activist to create ‘nonbinary’ character for ‘Paw Patrol’ spin-off

A spin-off of Nickelodeon’s “Paw Patrol” show about cartoon dogs will include a “nonbinary” character in one episode thanks to the consulting of an LGBT activist.

Over 2,600 women in Ireland had their babies instead of abortion after three-day waiting period

Over 2,600 women in Ireland did not proceed with an abortion after an initial abortion appointment and a mandatory three-day waiting period in 2022.

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