Trial of the Templars

Of the various trials held in France, the first, and one of the larger trials, ran from 19 October to 24 November 1307 and was held in Paris. A total of 138 prisoners gave a full testimony and almost all admitted guilt to one or more charges.[38] 

Facebook Widens Purge In War On Grass Roots Activism

The latest Facebook Purge has taken out more than 800 pages, many of them with several million followers each.

Tower of the Templars; Clansayes, France

Clansayes is a small village in Drôme Provençale region, built on a rocky hill.

Occult Forces – the film that cost production team their freedom and lives

Be careful who you share this with! This remarkable anti-masonic film literally cost its producer and director their lives! It is perhaps the most accurate and devastating portraits of freemasonry ever produced.


First Blood – how Resistance became Reconquista

Vastly outnumbered but armed with invincible faith, one man inspired and led a guerrilla band and began the liberation of Spain from Islamist tyranny. Don Pelayo’s heroic spirit attracted God’s blessing and changed the course of Spanish history.


The Knights Templar and Penhill Preceptory

Penhill is perhaps the most enigmatic Templar site in Yorkshire, perched three quarters of the way up the side of the hill from which it takes its name, a visitor to the site needs to be fairly energetic as the first part of the route is up a steep narrow lane, for the first 200 metres or so, from here we cut across grassland through stiles in dry stone walls, to at last reach the site surrounded by post and rail fencing to protect it from livestock.


There are Templars …. And there are Templars!

“I paid £1,500 for my full Sir Knight regalia and status and I’ve heard nothing since”. “I’m not going to join because I’ve seen that you’re masons”. We get calls and messages online like these every single day and, in every case the answer is the same: “You’ve got the wrong Knights Templar!”


March of the French Foreign Legion – Marche de la Légion Étrangère

“Le Boudin” (French lyrics/English translation)

“Le Boudin” is a reference to boudin, a type of blood sausage or black pudding. Le boudin colloquially meant the gear (rolled up in a blanket) that used to be carried atop the backpacks of Legionnaires.

Ancient Egyptian DNA reveals THIS about their genetics

A new DNA analysis of Ancient Egyptians shows they were more Turkish and European than African.

The Knights Templar Order