666 Technology Bites In Sweden

The threat of a cashless Big Brother sees all society is growing by the week. And Sweden should serve as a dire warning to us all as to how real and present this danger is. Cash transactions have now shrunk to be just 1 per cent of the country’s economy, and now Swedes are getting tiny readable credit chips inserted in their hands.

“No Evidence” For Alleged Climate Crisis

You’ll not see it in the fake news ‘mainstream’ media, of course, but the globalists ‘climate change’ hoax has just been hit by a double whammy of ‘denial’ (aka common sense) by two different sets of real scientists.


Media Ignore Antifa Terror Attack

There’s a deafening silence from CNN, the BBC and all the other liberal fake news broadcast media. And the newspapers aren’t much better. A rifle-totting, hardcore ‘anti-fascist’ launched a firebomb attack designed to destroy an immigration control centre in Tacoma, Washington.

"Lion of London Bridge" denied compensation

The British government hates anyone who stands up against Islamic militancy. That is supposed to be their job (and judging by their record, they don't do it very well.) They'd prefer we just lie down and let the jihadis run amok.

NYC – Twinned With Sodom!

In New York City public schools, students can choose their classes, their sports, and their genders! Starting this fall, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is inflicting more decadence on the Big Apple than the world has seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.

Trans Insanity Hits New Low!

A Christian doctor has been fired for the ‘crime’ of refusing to call a six-foot, bearded man ‘madam’! The news is just the latest example of how insane and intolerant the whole ‘transgender’ movement has now become. 

A ‘Pride’ Parade the Liberals Hate!

The Truth about Pre-Islamic Spain

Few are aware that Visigothic Spain, the era which came before the Arabic conquest, was marked by a thriving intellectual and literary tradition fostered by the Christian Church and the monasteries.

Europe’s Earliest Brothers’ War?

The tendency of Europeans to launch period but devastating wars between closely kindred peoples is an alll too well-known feature not just of the last century but of much of recorded history. An this fascinating short video shows that the phenomenon stretches right back into distant prehistory as well.

The Knights Templar Order