Brave Pastor Slams Perverse Agenda VIDEO

A brave and true Man of God slams the obscene insanity of the LGBTQPCN+ agenda in Birmingham, Alabama.

Watch it before YouTube toss it down the Memory Hole!

Florida school suspended 8-year-old 38 times for mask violations

The School District of Palm Beach County has dropped its mask mandate. The district had previously suspended a second grader 38 times for violating the mandate. She may have to repeat the grade.

Christian Patriots Tortured in DC Gulag

On Jan. 6, 2021, independent journalist Nathaniel DeGrave walked in through the open doors of the U.S. Capitol to document the event for a podcast.

DeGrave was arrested for entering the Capitol. He has now been held in appalling conditions in pretrial detention with no bail at a Washington, D.C. jail for nine months. No trial date has been set.

We Will Remember Them - For The Fallen

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.

Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.

Armistice Day 1918

Once again, we mark the anniversary of the 11 o'clock Armistice which ended the First World War this day in 1918. Despite the passing of time - even those of us who remember grandfathers who fought in the conflict are now in turn getting on in years - the ghastly tragedy of that insane Brothers' War still scars the collective imagination and spirit of the nations which fought it.

This little video is very different to those normally shown when WW1 is discussed. It focuses purely on the letter sent home as the war ended by one British soldier who survived, and by doing so it makes the whole thing very deeply personal. Take a few minutes to watch, listen and remember.

UK's M&S 'diversity managers' give staff pronoun badges

Marks & Spencer has started giving its staff pronoun badges as part of a diversity and inclusivity initiative.

Trans Mania Trumps Safety of the Blind

A new Zebra crossing in the colours of the trans flag has been blasted as 'dangerous' after safety concerns have been raised about similar colourful crossings in London. Guide dogs and police horses are confused by the colourful designs, but trans 'virtue signalling' easily trumps the safety of blind people in Labour-run Camden.

Camden Council, which decides on where new crossings are built, unveiled the latest four-way one yesterday to celebrate transgender awareness week.

The costly change, unveiled yesterday, comes despite London mayor Sadiq Khan being forced to halt the installation after disability groups warned they were hazardous.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind, Guide Dogs and Scope told the London Mayor the so-called Asphalt Art Project also hurt some people to look at.

If preborn babies are clumps of cells, why do Portland women get 3 days paid leave after abortion?

If abortion merely removes a clump of cells, then there is no reason to grieve. If abortion kills a baby, we should ban abortion. It really is that simple.

Huge Vaccine Row Hits Newsmax

News agency Newsmax is reeling from employee resistance to its efforts to impose a covid vaccine mandate. And the row has blown up even further with claims by its White House correspondent that the COVID shot contains a satanic marker allowing people to be tracked.

On Friday, Newsmax anchor Steve Cortes indicated he would defy the COVID-vaccine mandate his own company issued by email to all staff the previous day.

“I will not comply w/ any organization’s attempt to enforce Biden’s capricious & unscientific Medical Apartheid mandate. I will not be forced into the injection, nor will I disclose my vaccination status,” Cortes tweeted late Friday.

“No one should be pressured to choose between medical privacy & their job.”

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