Straight Talking Tucker Right On Iran

Tucker Carlson is one of few voices on the right to oppose the United States’ military escalation against Iran, warning his viewers that the Beltway neo-cons who have been pushing for it, are “liars” and “don’t care about you.”


This is an important, but very serious, article. If your brain’s not fully engaged, scroll down to the light-hearted video at the end!

Templar History – The Siege of Ascalon

On 25 January 1153 the Commander of the City of Jerusalem, along with the ten knights under his command, was guarding the True Cross as an army of Templars, Hospitallers, seculars and ecclesiastics made the march toward Ascalon. The massive army arrived at the walls of the port city with as many siege towers as King Baldwin could gather for the war that lay ahead.


Could This Be The Childhood Home of Jesus?

The childhood home of Jesus may have been found underneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Israel, according to archaeologist Ken Dark.


The March Of The Templars

This may well be our favourite Knights Templar march, so no apologies for reposting it!

Templar Castle of San Servando

The Castle of San Servando is a medieval castle in Toledo, Spain, near the Tagus River. It was begun as a monastery, occupied first by monks and later by the Knights Templar.

Rosslyn and the Ancient Ring of Brodgar

Rosslyn Chapel was built as the family chapel of the Sinclairs (Saint Clair) by William Sinclair after 1547. The art and statuary of the enigmatic building likely define the family’s Templar legacy and beliefs of the Sinclairs at the time of its construction. Many feel that Rosslyn holds the secret to previously untold of exploration of North America.


The Soundtrack Of The Crusades!

This is the sound of the Holy Crusades and the Reconquest of Spain and Portugal for Christendom and Europe!

Joining The Knights Templar

If you are a Christian, Patriot and/or ex-military over the age of 18 and have a higher calling in life, it is time to join the ancient Order of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar Order