'Rainbow' Banks Cancel Christians

The far-left/corporate alliance that spent the last few years 'cancelling' so-called 'far-right extremists' has moved on to a new target: Christians. "How do you eat a large salami?" asked the Communist mass murderer Lenin as he ordered his followers to exterminate all resistance to his Communist revolution. "By cutting it into slices and eating them one at a time", he answered his own question. And that is how the unholy Antifa/LGBT/woke corporate alliance is destroying freedom - piece by piece. Here are the shocking facts that show just how far this process has already gone:

Worldwide Persecution of Christians Continues

Nigeria: The jihad on Christians continued in the West Africa nation without letup. In what police described as a "brutal assault," suspected Muslims raped and slaughtered Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, a 22-year-old Christian girl studying inside Redeemed Christian Church of God in Benin City. "We are all devastated by her death," a spokesman of the church said, before explaining: "She [had] decided to do some private studies during the lockdown because the church was peaceful. She's been taking the key from the parish pastor and returning it after her studies." The slain girl's mother described what happened after she heard of the attack:

"I ran [to the church] but before I got there, they took her to a private hospital and when I saw my daughter, I cried. They raped her; the dress she was wearing that morning was white. The white had turned to red; all her body was full of blood.... My daughter was very kind and very intelligent and disciplined. We had just celebrated her admission to university."

Muslims’ first prayer service in former Catholic basilica explicitly rejects Christianity

Headed by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Muslims entered the Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on July 24 for the first Islamic Friday prayers since the Byzantine basilica was turned into a museum 86 years ago.

How They Plan to Take YOUR Gun

Americans who say "we'll never give up our guns" MUST read this! Because the Democrats have ALREADY started taking them, and they're planning to destroy the Second Amendment in exactly the same way they've already largely destroyed the First. 

Freedom of speech still exists in theory, but the 'freedom' to speak in your own back yard is no freedom at all when you're barred from speaking your mind and organising to defend your values on social media - the town hall square of our times. Millions of Americans have already been stripped of that freedom by far-left agitators working hand-in-glove with woke corporations. But the censorship has been imposed one slice at a time, first the 'Nazis', then the KKK, then the 'racists', then the 'Islamophobes', then the 'homophobes', then the pro-lifers. Now it's the turn of mainstream Christians and Trump voters.

All along the line, people who should have spoken out have turned away because the latest victims are a bit more 'deplorable' than they themselves. And, as a result, the Democrats and their allies have ALREADY effectively destroyed the First Amendment, using the 'salami-slicing' tactic first recommended by the Communist mass murderer Lenin. Now they've started the same operation against the Second.

Family Collapse Worsens Covid Hit

What on earth is the connection between low birthrates and the disastrous impact of covid lockdown? This fine article from traditional Catholic website Return to Order explains it in frightening detail. It's good to see other people banging the same demographic drum as the Templars.

Our problem is not too many babies, but too few babies

Amidst all the gloom and doom about overpopulation, occasionally someone actually takes a hard look at the numbers and accurately reports what they see. This is what a team of researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation did. Their findings, newly published in The Lancet, are eye-popping. 

Covid Graph They WON'T Show You

One simple graph alone destroys completely all the arguments for the utterly catastrophic covid lockdown with which the global political and media elites have wrecked our world. It shows the course of the 'pandemic' in Belarus - the one country in the industrial, civilised world that enacted no lockdown measures at all. Even league football matches were allowed in Belarus, whose President told people who felt a bit ill to have a sauna and a shot of vodka. As you can see, the results are in

Chant of the Mystics VIDEO

Traditional Gregorian chant "O filii et filiae" (15th century), sung by Roman Catholic monks. Hear echoes of the glory of High Europe. A wonderful musical aid for prayer, meditation or just relaxation.

Revealed: Everyone but far-left feels intimidated into silence

Conservatives, centrists, and moderate liberals all feel afraid of speaking their minds for fear of reprisals, according to a disturbing new survey released this week by YouGov and the Cato Institute.

The Knights Templar Order