Christian books Banned, Paedophile Poison Sold

Christian authors who once identified as gay or lesbian are highlighting the double standard Amazon is applying by removing their books from the platform while continuing to sell titles that promote paedophilia.

Nationalist Voters Turn Against Pro-Abortion Parties

Thousands of Catholics and Nationalists have vowed never to vote for parties which refused to help stop the UK’s Westminster parliament impose Europe’s most liberal abortion laws on Northern Ireland.

No More U.S. Taxes For Al Qaeda!

The pledge to stop wasting American lives and taxes in ‘endless wars’ in the Middle East was one of Donald Trump’s most popular election promises.

October 31st - Not Just Hallowe'en

While capitalists and Satanists alike celebrate the pagan festival of Hallowe'en, many Protestant churches observe Oct. 31 as Reformation Day, as it marks the anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg, beginning the Protestant Reformation.

KTI Deliver equipment to Bulgarian Border Patrol

At the height of the migrant crisis when Islamists and so-called refugees had penetrated Europe's borders, we, The Knights Templar International, swooped into action, providing poorly equipment border guards on the outskirts of Europe with much needed equipment.


Collapse of a City that lost Control

First World city – Third World squalor. While all too many cities are in decline, Los Angeles may be the worst. And now LAPD cops are going down with the deadly disease typhus.


Europe’s Earliest Brothers’ War?

The tendency of Europeans to launch period but devastating wars between closely kindred peoples is an alll too well-known feature not just of the last century but of much of recorded history. An this fascinating short video shows that the phenomenon stretches right back into distant prehistory as well.

Knights Templar – Salve Regina

Gregorian chant was one of the great cultural achievements of the High Middle Ages. A period when Europe was more united (or at least, less divided) than pretty much ever before or since. 

Battleground: 7 in 10 say US ‘on edge of civil war’

With the Democrats’ unofficial Antifa militia getting more violent by the day, and liberal demands for gun confiscation getting ever-more strident, more than two thirds of all Americans now believe the country is near to civil war.

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