Bikers Hold Protest for Soldier F

The roar of thousands of motorbike engines throbbed through Central London yesterday as patriot-bikers protested at the May regime’s persecution of an old soldier who served his country in Northern Ireland. Thousands of bikers gathered from all across the country to ride on Westminster, to show support for ‘Soldier F’.


Templar Report: Millennial Narcissism

De-platforming is a terrible thing, no one knows that more than The Templars, but there are some people out there who well and truly deserve it...

Americans Just Keep Getting Poorer

Americans are getting poorer at an astonishing rate.

The ‘Clinic’ Profiting From Genital Mutilation

Fortunes are being made from the genital mutilation and drugging of children who are groomed by the evil people who profit from their confusion and abuse.

Be Ready When the Lights Go Out

If you live in the city, you might find yourself in a situation without power. Out in the sticks, that could just be inconvenient, but in many modern urban areas, it could be EXTREMELY dangerous. Here is a guide on how to be prepared for such an occasion.


No Tears For Julian Assange

The dramatic arrest of ‘whistleblower’ Julian Assange has produced some sympathy for the Wikileaks boss. Not just among liberals and leftist supporters of the treacherous freak Chelsea Manning, but also among some patriots.


Canada’s bloodiest, proudest day

This was the day – back in 1917 that Canada became a Nation instead of a Dominion.  The occasion was the Battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France, when Canadian troops took heavily fortified German positions where waves of British and French soldiers had failed. The victory came at a terrible price; over six days of intense fighting, 3,598 Canadians died and 7,004 were wounded.


England’s Greatest Gift – Beowulf

“England’s greatest gift to the world”. That’s some claim, and famed historian Michael Wood makes it for Beowuf – England’s oldest poem.

Mom shoots armed burglar while son sleeps

Yet again we get a glimpse of the truth: Guns save lives and give good men and women a fighting chance against the bad guys!

The Knights Templar Order