Time for True Reset With Russia

Now that the Russian Collusion Myth has been revealed to be a mendacious conspiracy by the Deep State, the Democratic Party and the media, President Donald Trump needs to move on with his election promise to improve relations with Moscow. That is a geopolitical and civilizational necessity.

How Rachel Maddow Turned Into Infowars

Though she doesn’t often bring it up these days, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow remembers how the media abetted the Bush administration’s lies justifying the 2003 Iraq invasion.

EU Throws UK Remainers Under The Bus!

The most notorious liberal Europhile in the EU’s Parliament has come out openly and admitted that he and others in the Brussels elite inner circle are seriously considering throwing their UK Remain allies under the Brexit bus.


French Foreign Legion FIGHTING & TRAINING

In an era of insane and decadent liberalism, in which the feminisation of young men is reaching terminal levels, the example of the French Foreign Legion stands out to remind us that men should be men.


Thousands flock to Pro-Family March in Italy

A huge turn-out for Life! Several tens of thousands of people marched in support of the World Congress of Families on Sunday, on the final day of their conference in northern Italy.


Establishment In the Dock: Help Save Brexit!

After months of shady dealings, backstabbing and betrayal, one British patriot has said "enough is enough," and is dragging the British elites into court to declare Theresa May's Brexit extension null and void and to get us out of the EU once and for all!

Templar History – The Siege of Ascalon

On 25 January 1153 the Commander of the City of Jerusalem, along with the ten knights under his command, was guarding the True Cross as an army of Templars, Hospitallers, seculars and ecclesiastics made the march toward Ascalon. The massive army arrived at the walls of the port city with as many siege towers as King Baldwin could gather for the war that lay ahead.


One Step Closer to No Deal Brexit”!

REMAIN-BACKING MPs have “increased the likelihood” of a no deal Brexit by passing their disgracefully undemocratic bill forcing the Prime Minister to seek an extension if no agreement is in place by April 10, a Brexit minister has said.

Did May Just Hand Corbyn Keys To No. 10?

Did Theresa May just hand over the keys to No. 10 Downing Street to the anti-British, Marxist, Islamophile Jeremy Corbyn?

The Knights Templar Order