Sailors told to stop using terms like 'unmanned' and 'manpower' to avoid turning female recruits off

The Royal Navy is to replace 'seaman' in rank titles and ban the use of 'unmanned' and 'manpower' in a bid to fight fears of sexism.

Satanism & the Alt-Right VIDEO

The so-called Alt-Right has a dark secret: Satanism. The Templars were the first to call this out. Here's a re-release of our first assault. Since then this message has become more widely understood and appreciated, but - as is so often the case - we stood alone for what is right at the beginning.

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Matt Hancock admits Covid-19 UK death figures could include those who died by being hit by a bus

The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, is ordering an urgent review of the daily Covid-19 death statistics produced by Public Health England, after it emerged that they may include recovered former sufferers who could have died of other causes.

Dambuster dog's gravestone replaced by RAF to remove racial slur name

A gravestone dedicated to the Dambusters' dog has been replaced by RAF chiefs, in order to remove reference to his name, which is a racial slur.

Come, Holy Spirit - Templar CHANT

A fine piece of original Templar plainsong. The soundtrack of the Crusades!

‘Immediate’ Rise in Parent Interest in Homeschooling as Schools Reopen

On July 7, the TEA announced Texas parents whose children normally attend public schools would have the option of in-person instruction on the school campus or remote learning.

Council Calls For Reparations Rip-Off

They're aiming to make YOU pay for slavery! The racist drive to tax the descendants of Industrial Revolution wage slaves and hand the money over to the descendants of some chattel slaves has just moved up a gear.

Soros sends $220M to US groups demanding police defunding

The George Soros–founded Open Society Foundations has announced that it is investing $220 million in “Black-led justice organizations” that among themselves call for defunding the police and mass mail-in voting and express support for the riots that have swept across the country following the death of George Floyd.

The Red Terror Begins VIDEO

Just days after the murder of "All Lives Matter" martyr Jessica Whitaker, the killing of a men’s rights activist in California gives the clearest indication yet that the new Red Terror is being unleashed in the USA.

Marc Angelucci, 52, an attorney and board member of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) was shot on his property in Crestline on Saturday.

The Knights Templar Order