Did Jesus Christ visit Britain?

A decade before he was crucified, Jesus sailed on a trading ship and found inspiration in Cornwall and southwest England. That’s the theory of a very plausible and well-argued book.

Glyphosate – Destroying God’s Creation

As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage.


Knights Templar – With life

More than seven hundred long years after their suppression, the mythos and imagery of the Knights Templars continue to exert a fascination for composers, artists and authors.

Turkey Threatens Europe With New ‘Refugee’ Flood

Turkey’s rogue President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened Europe with a renewed flood of ‘refugees’ if the continent’s leaders dare to call the Turkish invasion of Syria an “occupation.”

The Templars Lost Treasure Documentary

What was the great Templar treasure that the King of France hoped to steal when he crushed the original Order? He certainly didn’t find it! Did it even exist? This entertaining video goes on the hunt.

Joe Biden And The Obama/CIA Plot To Arm Al Qaeda

With Joe Biden taking centre stage in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential election, here’s a reminder that his son’s Ukraine corruption scandal isn’t the only skeleton in his closet.

The Knights Templar in Jerusalem

The Knights Templars, also called Templars, were the elite warriors of the Crusades. This military order was founded in the middle ages and existed for approximately for two centuries.

Africa, Blood And Guts

Politically Incorrect, but as powerful and informative as it was when first released more than 50 years ago. Africa Addio - known as Africa Blood and Guts in the United States and Farewell Africa in the United Kingdom - is a 1966 Italian documentary film co-directed, co-edited and co-written by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi with music by Riz Ortolani.

Vatican Archives Document Turkey’s Mass Murder Of Christians

As Turkish brutality against the Kurds hits the headlines, the work of a German writer and historian to expand our knowledge of Turkey’s genocide of the Armenian, Greek and Syriac Christians is more relevant than ever.

The Knights Templar Order