Hello this is 999… which pronoun do you require?

United Kingdom: NHS 999 operators have been told to ask callers their preferred pronouns to avoid misgendering them based on the sound of their voices.

Looting Is The New Shopping

Staff at the University of Surrey are told not to say 'Indian summer' or 'black sheep'

Staff at a leading English university have been encouraged to ditch the phrases 'black sheep', 'blackball' or 'Indian summer'.

Woke Scout Guidelines Anger Parents

Scout leaders have outraged parents with a woke style guide that condemns traditional terms including ‘Girl Guides’.

It also calls for ‘postmen’ to be called ‘postal workers’ and ‘fireman’ to become ‘firefighters’ stating that terms should not ‘presume men are the default’.

While Scout chiefs insisted ‘no words are banned’ the guidance is unequivocal in parts. It states: ‘Refer to “Guides” rather than “Girl Guides”. Never use “he” or “his” to cover all genders - use “they” or “their” or rearrange your sentence.

‘Rather than “the winner should collect his prize”, try “the winner should collect their prize”.

Barristers society bans Christian grace before meals

The UK's Lincoln’s Inn has binned its tradition of saying grace before meal times in a bid to “correct outdated stereotypes” and become more “inclusive”.

It comes as part of the Law Society’s wider pledge to reevaluate its “purpose, relevance and diversity”.

Templar Chants - Full Hour of Heritage Music

Asylum seeker accused of raping woman in hotel in front of preschooler

A community in upstate New York has been left shaken by allegations accusing an asylum seeker of raping a woman in front of a toddler.

Jesus D. Guzman-Bermudez, a 26-year-old man from Venezuela, stands accused of committing the heinous crime in a local hotel room.

False Shepherd Declares Abortion an Act of Grace

When practicing Satanists openly talk of abortion being a ‘sacrament’, the determination of all Christians to oppose this ghastly sacrifice to Satan should be renewed a hundred-fold. And it makes it even more appalling for a so-called Christian minister to support abortion.

So it is particularly shocking to hear a Presbyterian pastor defend abortion as a “blessing” during a sermon, declaring that she “felt no guilt, no shame, no sin” about her own two abortions.

Dr. Rebecca Todd, author of “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice,” denounced pro-lifers for their humanisation of the unborn and brazenly declared abortion to be a “moral good” during a service at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

Mary Rose museum curators claim ship’s objects have LGBT meanings

Curators of the Mary Rose Museum have faced criticism for assigning queer meanings to everyday objects found aboard the 16th Century warship.

The Knights Templar Order